Fluffy Faves

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Grab your Fluffy Faves at a discounted price.ūüĒ•

Bundle Contains:

1 x Girls Night

1 x Red Carpet 

1 x Chic 

1 x Paris 

Mink Lashes 

All lashes are CRUELTY FREE

20 wears+ (Only if looked after correctly)

Our lash bands are made from 100% cotton.

Cotton bands blend in with the human natural lash line, the cotton bands are very light, fine, natural and comfortable to wear.

How to Apply 

Step 1:
Gently remove lash from tray starting from the outer edge.

Step 2:
Align lash band with you natural lash line, then trim the lash (if needed) to ensure the perfect fit for your eye shape.

Step 3:
Apply a layer of glue along the lash band and wait a few seconds (30-40) until glue is tacky (Slightly sticky and not yet dry).

Step 4:
Place the lash onto your natural lashes and press the corners down using tweezers, inner corner, centre and outer edge of the lash. 


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