2 in 1 Black Eyeliner Adhesive


We all know about regular eyelash glue that it has an unpleasant smell, it can cause irritation and burn you eyes.
You only need 2 steps to accomplish your eye makeup.

1- Draw your eyeliner

2- Apply your lashes  

Unlike regular glue or eyeliner, our liquid eyeliner contains advanced hypoallergenic adhesive material.

No glue no magnetic it is skin friendly and will not hurt your eyelid.


Before use:

1. Press down the button until it clicks.

2. Shake the pen to make sure the ink infiltrates the tip faster.

3. Leave for 5 minutes until the ink is totally infiltrated.

How to use:

1. Apply the adhesive how you would normally apply your eyeliner.

2. Leave for 10 second until dry and pop your lashes on and done.

It is really that quick and simple, no smell no tacky ness and no glue everywhere!

I recommend doing a minimum of 2 swipes, to ensure the stick.
The more swipes the more secure.

Step up your makeup game with iLuvLash™

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
The Best

This adhesive for lashes is amazing!! I have a love hate relationship with falsies because of the adhesive, I had tried many different forms but NONE apply and stay stuck like this does!! From applying the adhesive to putting the lashes on was seconds and they didn't move all day!! 🤯 Love love love this!!

Made my makeup routine 10000x quicker and easier!

I absolutely LOVE my adhesive from iluvlash I always struggled applying my lashes now it is so easy and simple also I love how it is a liner aswell as I don't have to layer eyeliner glue and lashes which is great
Thank you so much love my new product will defo be making more purchases :)

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