iLuvLash™ first launched as a different name in March 2020. After growing and learning so much, we rebranded and relaunched as iLuvLash™ in December 2020.

iLuvLash™ started out with a small collection of lashes. One of our first and most popular lash styles was iLL08. After launching iLL08, it completely sold out and I was receiving so many comments about how the style mimics the look of fluffy extensions. Eyelash Extensions are amazing and stunning! However not everyone enjoys having their lashes done and following the after care process.

As someone with sensitive eyes that easily become irritated, eyelash extensions was not an option for me and so many more people! I always tried looking for strip lash extensions, as I absolutely loved the flawless and natural look of them. After hours of searching, I was unable to find ones that looked like the most popular sets of extension styles. 
This is when I decided to follow up on the comments I was receiving and expand the range of extension style strip lashes and create dupes for each individual set.
Hybrid, Volume and Classic
After months of searching for the best possible alternatives, I finally found the perfect trio for the most popular sets and created The Extension Collection. After launching The Extension Collection it sold out within the first few hours! Not everyone had the time and money to enjoy eyelash extensions but now everyone can!

We are always trying to improve and provide the best products and experience to each and every one of our customers. We provide a range of different lash styles that are all unique for every occasion. Styles ranging on thickness, fluffiness, flutterers, length, curl and look.    

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