There was a gap in the market for lashes that were high quality, long lasting, vegan and cruelty free at an affordable price.
This is why iLuvLash™ was created.
Why should expressing yourself through beauty or wanting to feel beautiful come at a high price? It shouldn't.
Your eyelashes play a vital role in enhancing the beauty of your eyes.
It is said "A women's face is perceived as more young when her eyes are highlighted".
Eyes are priceless. So why not adorn them with beautiful Lashes. 
iLuvLash™ lashes have 100% Flexible Cotton Bands for a Comfortable, Lightweight and Long Lasting Wear. Lashes you can enjoy 20+ times (If looked after correctly). 
It’s not just about the length of your lashes.
It’s also about flutter-ness, quality, thickness, and texture of the strands of your lash. Which is why all our lashes are handmade to perfection. With a range of different unique styles that suit every eye shape, from natural to glam.
Cruelty free lashes that add to your personality as-well as your appearance.
Step up your game with iLuvLash™.
Not sure which lash will suit your eyeshape?
Take our quiz and find out which lash is perfect for you!
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Dress the window to your soul and Express your Flair.