What your eye shape says about you - Hooded Eyes

What are Hooded Eyes?
Hooded Eyes feature a heavy brow bone with a deep set crease. There is an extra fold of skin that covers the crease of the eyelid therefore making it appear smaller. A person can be born with Hooded Eyes or acquire Hooded Eyes whilst aging.

What do Hooded Eyes say about your personality?
You tend to approach things with and open mind and are very calm. People like to meet and talk with you! However you may be reluctant to ask for help from other people. You are also very cheerful. 

Which celebs have Hooded Eyes?
- Emma Stone 

- Selena Gomez 

- Naomi Campbell

Which lashes are best for Hooded Eyes?
The goal for Hooded Eyes is to open up the eyes and make them appear bigger. The best way to achieve this is to go for shorter natural looking lashes with a longer length in the centre which offers and opening look. 

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