What your eye shape says about you - Almond Eyes

What are Almond Eyes?
Almond Eyes tend to be oval with narrow corners, just like an Almond! They are longer in width than round and also have smaller eyelids. Almond Eyes also tend to be more symmetrical and even the outer corners of the eye slightly turn upwards.

What do Almond Eyes say about your personality?
You have a mystic, exotic flair. The ability to remain calm and grounded in situations and you are very compassionate towards others which is great for relationships and friendships. You are also very balanced and observant. However because of your cautious nature you can keep yourself from living life to the fullest. So remember to enjoy yourself and take chances!

Which celebs have Almond Shape Eyes?
- Kim Kardashian 

- Jessica Alba 

- Rihanna 

Which lashes are best for my eye shape?
Almond Eyes are very versatile! Many style compliment this eye shape so it really depends which look you want to go for.

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