Celebrity Makeup tips you need to try!

Kim Kardashian:
Keep the baking powder under the eyes while you finish off the rest of your makeup. This really helps set the powder and brighten the under eyes.

Kourtney Kardashian:
Applies bronzer all over her face, nose and eyelids for a natural, dewy finish.

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja:
Dabs a beauty blender under the eyes before adding her setting powder.

Hilary Duff:
Accentuate the structure of your nose by blending your eyeshadow product down towards the sides of your nose, connecting your eyes and nose.

Lucy Hale:
Apply a cream shadow over your powder shadow and then tight-line to open up the eyes.

Camila Mendes:
For defining her brows, she uses a highlighter shade and blends it with her finger for a seamless look.


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